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Knowledge to help you become a successful edible gardener in the desert
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Annual Planting Calendar

An annual planting calendar for 45 crop varieties, with Tucson's climate in mind.

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Laboratory Soil Testing

How to test your soil to determine which fertilizers to use.

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Bokashi Composting Method

Bokashi is an ancient form of compact-composting that relies on bacteria to 'pickle' food waste, creating a nutrient-rich fertilizer/amendment. 

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Building Healthy Soil Guide

How to build up healthy soil for a lush and productive edible garden.

Seed Information & Resources

Information on optimal germination temperatures, expiration dates, and where to buy seeds locally.

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Pruning Your Tomatoes

Pruning your home tomatoes can lead to more enjoyable harvests, if done correctly. First, we need to know the reasons for tomato pruning.

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Investing In Your Garden

Looking at the market value of a year's worth of harvests to show you what your edible garden is worth.

Bio Drench Recipe and Instructions

How to mix a bio drench to apply to the surface of your soil for a fast-acting nutritional boost.

Vegetable Watering Guide

How much water do you really need? When is the best time to water your vegetables? How do you check soil moisture? 

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