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Guard  en Saver ™

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Tree Root Blocker

Don't let this happen to your garden

Finally a solution for protecting your garden from roots!

When nearby tree’s and invasive grasses get their roots into your garden, they rob your plants of water and nutrients, dramatically stunting their growth. Landscape fabrics don’t work, and other common attempted solutions are difficult to implement and ineffective.

Did you know that some trees such as mesquite and eucalyptus can send their roots up 100 feet from their canopy?

Guard.en Saver Tree Root blocker is a strong fabric landscape blanket that when buried will keep surrounding tree roots from ruining your garden. The secret to this strong geo-textile fabric is it’s built in copper layer which emits copper ions creating not just a physical barrier, but is scientifically proven to work by acting like a force field; which keeps invading roots out!

Guard.en Saver

  • Easy to install

  • Life expectancy of 100 years plus!

  • 10 year full replacement limited warranty

  • Works against even the most invasive plants like Japanese knotweed.

  • Can be cut to fit

  • Standard size protects up to 4’x8’ raised garden bed

  • Contact us for custom sizes

Easy to install!

For raised beds, place the Guard.en Saver Tree Root Blocker at the bottom of your raised garden bed and fill with soil.

For In-ground garden beds, dig out 18” of soil and line the hole with Guard.en Saver to keep roots out.

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