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Looking for a low-maintenance, water-saving, efficient way to water your plants year round? Meet the irrigation olla.


"what's an olla?"

Ollas, (pronouced “oy-yah”), are un-glazed porous clay pots​ buried in the soil with the neck exposed. Once filled, the water seeps into the soil by capillary flow at a rate that provides nearby plants with a constant water source directly at the roots where they need it.

Originating in ancient China over 4,000 years ago, the use of irrigation ollas is a time-honored method for providing efficient irrigation directly giving water to the plants planted around it.

Ollas are an incredibly effective and natural method to water your plants, dramatically reducing water use. 

"how much water can I expect to save?"

Ollas are incredibly economical, saving around 50 - 80% of the water that traditional watering methods use. Part of what makes ollas so efficient is that they reduce surface evaporation and eliminate drainage past the root zones of plants. Each olla is fitted with a lid to prevent evaporation and critters from falling in. Soil moisture levels achieved using irrigation ollas are ideal and never reach saturation which means no more over-watering.

In addition, ollas can:

  • reduce disease

  • increase crop growth

  • speed plant maturity

  • strengthen soil structure

  • maximize rainwater harvesting

  • save you time!

pictured: small 1-quart olla & large 2-gallon olla
1 quart 
1 gallon
2 gallon
2 gallon Auto-Fill

Patent Pending

Want a fully automatic version?



The Auto-Fill Irrigation Olla

a smarter way to water


Integrate in a snap!
>>Our Auto-Fill Ollas can connect to existing irrigation systems for automatic water refill

Hands-off watering year round!

>>Auto-Fill Ollas make irrigating a breeze by eliminating the need to refill by hand

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*patent pending
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