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Do you dream of having a lush vegetable garden in your backyard, but have felt discouraged by previous attempts with lackluster results or you don’t just know how to get started? Michael Ismail, owner of Thrive and Grow Gardens, is on a mission to demystify vegetable gardening for as many people as possible and share best practices for anticipating and dealing with challenges of gardening in the desert. Just bring yourself and a desire to learn and Michael will provide the motivation and instruction you will need to get started right away!

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Fall Vegetable Gardening

The importance of proper watering techniques cannot be overemphasized! It is very common to have plant problems caused by poor watering practices, which include under watering, over watering and inconsistent watering. In this class, expert gardener Michael Ismail of Thrive and Grow Gardens teaches you about the best equipment and irrigation methods which you can use to help eliminate these problems and will show you tips on how to get a pro-grade irrigation system on a DIY budget!

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DIY Irrigation

In Your Garden

One-on-One educational gardening sessions in your own backyard.

What better way to learn about maintaining an edible garden than working in your own with an expert? If you're interested in growing your own food but doubtful of your ability to be successful on your own, we would love to work with you and teach you all that we know of how to grow food in the desert. Invite a Thrive gardener out to your residence for a one-on-one educational gardening session where you will learn about the intricate details of edible gardening, tuned specifically to your space, the plants you're growing and your personal horticultural preferences.

You can also sign up for weekly or monthly sessions with a Thrive gardener and we'll be sure to keep you and your garden on track. With all there is to know about edible gardening, this education is highly valuable and recommended for novice gardeners.

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We want you to be successful in growing your own food!  Which is why we provide resources that were created by our team for your use and enjoyment. These resources evolve and grow, which is why it's important that you sign up for our monthly newsletter so you never miss a new resource!

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