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Gardening Consultations in Tucson

Garden Design

If you are thinking about starting an edible garden, and are wondering what it will take to find success, this is the consultation for you!  Our approach when planning a new garden is to "begin with the end in mind".  Through a process of hearing your vision, learning about your goals, and a proper analysis of your space and resources available to you, we gain a deeper understanding of the factors to consider as we move forward in creating your new garden. Taking the leap of growing your own food is an exciting undertaking, and we will ensure that your space and practices will be as fulfilling as they can be.

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Gardening Consultations in Tucson

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Garden Maintenance

Integrating a new edible garden into an existing landscape to create a beautiful and functional space for growing food

For gardeners who may not have found the success they've been looking for with their garden and want to explore more effective practices

Identifying problems with existing irrigation systems and designing new ones, to create healthy, efficient landscapes

Black Soil

Focusing on the soil ecosystem and determining how to find balance in nutrition, moisture and composition in your garden's soil

Garden Design

Consultations & Garden Maintenance 

This consultation is tailored for the gardener who is looking to make improvements on a garden they already have. You can learn how to build better soil, get a larger quantity of better tasting vegetables, diagnose and treat plant deficiencies or diseases, deal with problem insects, improve your compost, fine tune your watering schedule, apply fertilizers, and so much more! We have the eye to assess your cultural practices and the knowledge to help you discover ways to improve them.  


Are you frustrated by problems with your irrigation system? Is your system inefficient, resulting in high water bills? Do you know how long you should be watering and when exactly you should be adjusting your watering schedule to account for seasonal changes? Water is our most important resource in the desert and it is necessary that we know how to manage it properly.  In fact, watering issues are a common cause of plant problems we diagnose.  We can help you design a new irrigation system, or make improvements on an existing one. Well managed and efficient irrigation systems help conserve our most precious resource, water!

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Healthy and balanced soil is the cornerstone of any thriving garden. Identifying imbalances in your soil may be the key to reviving your garden and allowing you to find the success you've been looking for. If you know your garden's soil needs some TLC but are unsure of where to begin, book a Soil Consultation and learn about the steps you can take to achieve a thoroughly healthy garden space.


Guided DIY Irrigation Packages

If you're a do-it-yourself kind of person, take advantage of this dollar-saving irrigation service! Our Guided DIY Irrigation Packages eliminate labor costs from your irrigation quote and can save you hundreds of dollars on new irrigation installations, if you're willing to do the work of installing it. Here's how it works:

  • A Thrive gardener will come to your home for an initial consultation to decide on a system that will work for your space

  • The parts for your system will be brought to you during a secondary visit, where a Thrive gardener will give you instructions on how to install it: what the overall layout is, where to dig your trenches, and how to assemble the parts

  • Once you've installed your system, we'll come out a third and final time to perform a systems check, help you program your watering schedule, and ensure you're good to go!

And don't worry! We're here for you throughout the process if you need help at any point.

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