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Learn how to build a raised garden bed out of wood

Here’s what is Included in this video

  • Sorting and selecting wood

    • Learn how to select and sort your lumber, an important step which leads to the best end result

  • Making templates

    • These tips make the whole cutting process easier and more precise

  • Assembling prebuilt ends

    • The first phase of assembly that makes final assembly much easier

  • Final Assembly and bracing
    • Put the rest of the garden bed together and learn about proper bracing

  • Installing rodent barrier
    • A very important step when it comes to pest prevention.

  • Installing a bench
    • An optional step that will increase the “awe” factor of your garden bed, and create a comfortable surface to sit on while you garden.

  • Sanding and staining
    • The final steps which will add both beauty, and longevity to your garden bed.

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