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Laboratory Soil Testing

Having your garden soil tested in a lab once a year is recommended so the appropriate fertilizers can be applied based on the results.


  • Choose a soil test lab which does Albrecht and Reams or saturate base testing (see list below)

  • Test in the spring or fall, the same time every year

  • Dig down at least 6 inches and include soil from the surface down

  • Combine at least three samples from different areas of your garden for a total of 2 cups of soil

  • A helpful method is to dig a hole first and then use your shovel to take a vertical slice from the side of the hole


  • Use a dirty collection container or use a container which previously contained fertilizers

  • Use a dirty, rusty shovel

  • Test during a drought or right after applying fertilizers

  • Include organic matter or mulch

We recommend these labs which do Albrecht and Reams testing:


Crop Services International

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