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Double Bin Composter

Double Bin Composter


"The most beautiful composter I have ever seen"

-Laura S (composter purchaser).


This beautifully crafted redwood double bin composter has 1/2" hardware mesh to allow for airflow and easy hand removable knobs for quick and efficient front door access to fresh, usable compost for your garden. Using a bin can keep your compost neat and make it easier for you to manage!


Compost is the best kind of organic matter because it feeds the existing microbes and increases their population. It also absorbs moisture and releases it as needed. It adjusts the soil pH to the right level and turns clay or sandy soil into loam. Additionally, composting is an easy way you can help the environment by recycling your waste into a valuable resource for your garden. It's a win-win for all, and one of the smartest actions we can be taking to produce healthier food for ourselves and reduce our carbon footprint to create a healthier planet.


Dimensions: 75.5" l  x  37" w  x  37" h


Available for pick up within five business days of your order. Tucson area delivery also available!

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    We will contact you at your provided phone number the next business day after your order, or feel free to call us at 520.305.3127 to arrange to pick up your order.


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    this item at this price is available for pickup within five business days only at our location: 


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