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Guard•en Saver TM Tree Root Blocker

Guard•en Saver TM Tree Root Blocker


Finally a solution for protecting your garden from roots!


Garden Saver tree root blocker is a strong fabric landscape blanket that when buried will keep surrounding tree roots from ruining your garden. The secret to this strong geo-textile fabric is it’s built in copper layer which emits copper ions creating not just a physical barrier, but is scientifically proven to work by acting like a force field; which keeps invading roots out!


Product dimensions:  47" x 98"


Garden saver:

  • Easy to install
  • Life expectancy of 100 years plus!
  • 10 year full replacement limited warranty
  • Works against even the most invasive plants like Japanese knotweed.
  • Can be cut to fit
  • Standard size protects up to 4’x8’ raised garden bed
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