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Sequester® Soil Amendment

Sequester® Soil Amendment


Sequester® Soil Amendment is formulated with four strains of Cyanobacteria, nitrogen-fixing, photosynthetic autotrophs, which bring the sun’s energy into the soil biome to drive microbial interactions. It rapidly restores soil function in salt-affected soils to increase crop water use efficiency and nutrient uptake. Sequester is an essential input for regenerative agriculture, fixing nitrogen and the sequestration of CO2 from the atmosphere.

  • Product Details

    Application Type

    Soil Applied


    LAWN AND LANDSCAPE: Apply 3 – 6 oz Sequester® per 1,000 square feet. For Spray Application, mix 3 – 6 oz with water for 1-gallon total mix per 1,000 square feet.

    GARDEN: Apply 4 – 8 oz Sequester® per 1,000 square feet. Apply at planting, followed by 2 - 3 applications post emergence.

    ORCHARDS AND PASTURES: Apply 1 – 2 gallons Sequester® per acre. 1-gallon of Sequester® is equivalent to 3oz per 1,000 square feet. For best results, apply 3 – 6 oz per 1,000 square feet of area by spray or drench. Sequester may be added to irrigation water.



    LAWN, LANDSCAPE AND GARDEN: Apply 2 – 3 times per year: Spring, Summer, and Late Summer/Fall.

    ORCHARDS AND PASTURES: Apply 2 – 4 times per year beginning in spring followed by 2 - 3 applications during summer and late summer.


    Apply with any method that effectively applies the solution to the soil. Product may be applied directly to lawns, garden, landscape plants, and orchards without harm. Product may be mixed with other biofertilizer products for application.

    Directions for Use

    Sequester® Soil Amendment mixes fully with water and is suitable for any soil applied, foliar spray, or irrigation (fertigation) application method. May be applied dir