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Our Mission

To inspire, encourage, and motivate people through education, and the convergence of art, ecology, and innovation to take steps toward growing food, bringing awareness to the importance of self reliance and sustainable food security.

Our Current Goal

​​Thrive and Grow Gardens and Thrive and Grow Farms is ready for a well thought out expansion, one that will further our mission, accelerate innovation, and create financial abundance for all who have devoted their energy and support to bring our organization's vision to fruition.

"​​Help us, and invest in the future of food security and sustainable agriculture."

- Michael Ismail

Owner of Thrive and Grow


Learn about our Organizations

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The vision of Thrive and Grow Gardens has been to make edible gardening a beautiful focal point of the landscape. This has led to the design and manufacturing of products that provide elegant solutions for the home gardener enabling them to find success growing food with ease.

Custom Raised Garden Beds

Our raised garden beds feature innovations such as the thrive frame system, an easy to install structure with magnetic hardware allowing for the attachment of sleek accessories such as shade cloth, frost cloth, and enclosure panels for necessary plant protection. 

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Patent Pending: Auto-fill Ollas

This water saving irrigation system was inspired by an ancient watering device known as an irrigation olla, a porous clay vessel that slowly seeps water into the garden soil. During our market research we found that people loved the concept but were often turned off by the necessity to hand fill the device, leading us to the development of this new innovation.

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olla patent pic.png

Our first of it’s kind patent pending design modernizes the irrigation olla, eliminating the need for hand filling it with a hose. Now, these ollas can be utilized with standard irrigation tubing, allowing for automatic irrigation. Once filled, the float valve halts the flow of water to keep the olla from overfilling. Once we launched this product two years ago, our market demand for ollas has increased by over 1000%. It is time to invest in our manufacturing processes to meet market demand! 

Educational Resources

We are committed to providing quality education. People rely on our expertise to help them build the confidence and the knowledge they need to become proficient gardeners. Our library of valuable educational resources such as our copyrighted planting calendar, soil building guide, and intensive planting guide are easily accessible on our website. We also send out monthly newsletters to our ever growing list of subscribers as well as regularly posting informational articles to our blog.


Michael’s media experience on television and radio, and our vast experience as educators has inspired us to start producing educational videos which can be found on our YouTube channel. We also teach multiple classes per month which viewers can attend live and also purchase from our website. These classes are now available through our newly launched membership platform.

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Currently in our production greenhouse west of Tucson we grow micro greens and sprouts. These are highly nutritious, quick harvest crops which we sell at local farmers markets, grocery stores, and restaurants.


Thrive and Grow Farms isn't just a sustainable commercial farm, it's a demonstration farm committed to educating aspiring farmers; better enabling them to succeed in commercial agriculture. The next step of our business plan is moving our operation to our 10 acres in Vail, AZ where we will also be demonstrating in-ground intensive agriculture. Just like our Thrive and Grow Gardens model, Thrive and Grow Farms will be innovating and educating. 

"Our mission here is simple, sustainable

organic food production for our local community. Providing an effective farming demonstration, and educational programs which help people to develop a business that will create financial abundance for themselves and their families while producing quality nutrition for the community which surrounds them."

                      - Michael Ismail, Thrive and Grow Owner

For the last 7 years, my team and I have passionately poured our energy into turning this startup into a thriving business. One that has inspired countless people to believe in themselves, take action, and improve their lives through organic gardening.


Every day we are encouraged by members of the community around us to continue pursuing these efforts which so many find to be crucial steps forward. Steps which improve people's health and the health of our food system, while alleviating the tremendous negative impact conventional agriculture has had on our environment.


Thrive and Grow stands at a crucial juncture where preparation has met opportunity.  Now is the time to spread the knowledge needed to facilitate the emergence of the next generation of farmers. We need your support carrying forward this mission.


If you will join us in partnership, you will enable us to increase our impact while providing returns not only for you, but also our global community.

Thank you for your Interest!

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