The Classic Collection is our original raised garden bed design. These beds are at a perfect height for not having to bend over while you tend to your garden.

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Built with quality redwood lumber to a 4-tier height:

  • Redwood boards are precisely fastened together using ceramic coated screws that do not rust.

  • Metal mesh attached to bottom of bed to prevent rodents from digging up into the bed.

  • Designed with upright and horizontal bracing to prevent sideboards from bowing out.

  • Exterior of bed Meticulously sanded for a refined smooth finish, then stained and sealed with a top of the line stain by Bio-Shield for additional weather resistance and a grogeous aesthetic. (multiple stains available)


Beds available for pick up at our shop. Delivery also available.


Pricing + Features

Standard Classic Sizes
4' x 4'
4' x 8'
4' W x 4' L x 22" H
4' W x 8' L x 22" H
4' x 12'
4' W x 12' L x 22" H
Optional Features
+ $195
+ $245
+ $375
+ $495
+ $575
+ $740
+ $310
+ $545
+ $765
Delivery + Installation
+ $475
3' x 6'
3' W x 6' L x 22" H
+ $195
+ $195
+ $495
+ $310
Please call for custom sizes and prices

Why Redwood?

This lumber is naturally resistant to termites, UV radiation, and rot from contact with moisture in the soil.

It outlives cedar, a lumber that is also commonly used for raised beds.

Thrive Premium Soil Blend

Talk about luxury! Our exclusive soil blend was created with vegetable gardening in mind:

  • Its composition maximizes water retention, nutrient availability and olla effectiveness.

  • Its soft texture makes it easy for root systems to grow deep down and establish themselves.

  • A perfect balance of loam, clay, compost and sand ensures a functional and healthful medium for plants to thrive.

When it comes to gardening, your success will always start with the soil. Have us include it in your raised garden bed package, or place an order for delivery or pick-up with Tank's Green Stuff, located in Tucson. Check out our Building Healthy Soil  resource to learn about building your own soil and other important tips on fertilizing, mulching, and more.

Thrive Frames

 The Thrive Frame is a system designed to simplify the chore of protecting your plants from pesky critters, a reality all too real for edible gardeners:

  • Steel posts allow for effortless magnetic attachment of shade cloth, frost cloth and bird netting.

  • Structure can hold full, rigid enclosures made from expanded metal, mounted to hinges for easy operability.

  • Although featured in our Premium collection, Thrive Frames can be added to all of our raised garden beds.

Our Thrive Frame eliminates the hassle of protecting your crop - finally! 

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