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Thrive and Grow Gardens is a local edible gardening business that specializes in edible garden design, construction, and education. We build custom and pre-built garden beds for homeowners, community organizations, and local businesses within Tucson and surrounding areas. Natural landscaping, earthworks, and efficient irrigation systems are also among our specialized services. Our team is looking to bring on members who are well-rounded in gardening, landscaping, irrigation, and on-site project management with a desire to continue learning and creating.  Strong interpersonal skills are a must for the great-going rapport we have developed with our customers. 


Applicants for Irrigation Specialist must have:


  1. in-depth irrigation and landscape knowledge: installation of valve manifolds, backflow prevention valves, standard drip irrigation components, and desert landscapes

  2. management/oversight experience: managing irrigation/landscaping jobs on site

  3. ability to do physical work outdoors in all seasons

  4. good communication and people skills, friendly and positive demeanor

Applicants for Builder/Installer must have:

  1. construction experience and ability to do physical work in a workshop and outdoors in all seasons

  2. construction management/oversight experience: managing construction/landscaping jobs on site

  3. experience in woodworking; metalworking is a plus

  4. good communication and people skills, friendly and positive demeanor

Applicants for General Laborers must have:

  1. ability to work comfortably outdoors in all seasons

  2. ability to lift, push, pull, and dig

  3. prior labor experience is a plus


Please continue to browse our website to learn more about us and what we do!

To apply:


Email your resume to along with a description of why you would like to work with Thrive and Grow Gardens.  Please also include your availability in hours per week as well as days you are available to work.


Position available immediately upon finding the right members for our team!

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