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Vegetables Seeds and Varieties Class - 03/13

In this 1 hour class, Michael and Tommie will talk about the many differences in seeds such as Open Pollinated v GMO v Hybrid. We'll also go over some seed saving techniques and varieties that do well in our desert environment. Join us on Saturday, 3/13 at 10am. 

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Luxury Garden Beds

Our HDPE Luxury raised bed is the elegant choice for your garden. Create an awe-inspiring landscape and enjoy sleek functionality that will last you decades to come. We'll help you build the garden of your dreams! 


One-on-one guidance to explore more effective practices, identify issues, and  help you break through with your gardening results. Offering expertise in gardens, healthy desert landscapes, soil, and irrigation.

olla irrigation

Olla Irrigation

Ollas are an incredibly effective and natural method to water your plants, dramatically reducing water use. The use of ollas is a time-honored method for providing efficient irrigation.

Classes and Workshops

Come learn with Michael in a fun, inspirational  setting as he regularly brings you fresh new content and provides pro-tips that will help you take your gardening game to the next level. 

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We created these fantastic guides to help you become a successful edible gardener in the desert. Enjoy free PDF downloads and  educational videos straight from the garden!


With the purpose of bringing goodwill and positivity, we are inspired to continually reach out to the community to cultivate gardens like this one, that provide health, happiness, and of course, delicious produce!

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