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Garden Maintenance, Consultations, and Custom Garden Beds

Recycled Paper

Thrive raised garden beds are the elegant choice for your garden. Create an awe-inspiring landscape and enjoy sleek functionality built to last. We'll help you build the garden of your dreams!


 Looking to up your gardening game? We have created resources to help you become a better gardener. You will find articles, resource guides, YouTube videos, and full classes to help you learn how to get the best results out of your garden. 


Products to help you in your garden. With years of experience helping people grow food, we know what works! Check out some of our products like our tree root blocker, irrigation products, soil amendments, and micro green kits.

HOW TO USE BOKASHI COMPOST: Using Bokashi Compost to fertilize your organic garden:

HOW TO USE BOKASHI COMPOST: Using Bokashi Compost to fertilize your organic garden:

Have you heard of bokashi composting? This is a fermentation method of composting that quickly turns kitchen waste into soil fertilizer. It is incredibly easy and can be done indoors or out. This is the fastest composting method and produces great results in the garden. Bokashi is a quick and simple way to use your kitchen food scraps to create a nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden soil to grow fresh organic produce at the convenience of your own home. Check all the links below to learn more about Bokashi and purchase a kit on our website! In this video, agriculturist Tommie Burch walks you through some common fall gardening practices such as properly removing cover crops, amending and raising the soil level in a raised garden bed using Bokashi compost, and planting seeds and transplants! Even though October started with some unseasonably high temps, our seeds and transplants needed to get started in the soil, we just have to ensure we are protecting our plants from the hot sun with appropriate placement and shade cloth. Stay tuned till the end to see the results! Video Mentions: -Intensive Planting Guide: -Annual Planting Calendar: -Bokashi Composting Method Resource: -Bokashi Compost Kit: -Seeds we use: Check out what else we're up to! -Thrive and Grow Gardens' website Follow Thrive and Grow Gardens on: -Facebook: -Instagram: -Twitter:
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