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Economy Garden Bed

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Brand: Thrive and Grow Gardens

A primary motivation in conceiving Thrive and Grow Gardens was based around a wish to make edible gardening fun and more accessible to people, which is why we created our Economy Collection.

  • Built with 3 tiers of premium redwood lumber, a material naturally resistant to termites, UV radiation, and rot from contacting moisture in the soil.
  • Hand selected redwood boards are precisely fastened together using ceramic coated screws, with upright bracing installed to prevent bowing out of the side walls of the garden bed.
  • Metal mesh is fastened to the bottom of each bed to keep rodents from digging up into the bed and damaging crops.
  • The exterior of the bed is stained and sealed for weather resistance and aesthetics.

Economy beds are available to purchase as a DIY kit, Pre-Built, or installed.

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