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In this earthworks project, completed in November of 2018, we installed passive rain water retention basins in this client's backyard to infiltrate rainwater into the ground, watering the landscape instead of allowing it to run off into the street. We implemented xeriscape concepts to achieve a natural landscape and planted well-adapted desert plants around the basins. Our client is thrilled with the results, and we think this backyard is going to flourish in providing a neat little ecosystem.

Bring on the rain!

IMG_4005 (1).JPG

Xeriscape & Infiltration Basins

Here in the desert water is our most valuable resource; as gardeners, we must learn to manage this resource as effectively as we can.


Fortunately, by following simple xeriscape principles, we can achieve both beautiful and water-efficient landscapes.  One very effective way to accomplish this is through the use of earthworks in the landscape.

Earthworks are methods of shaping the landscape to encourage the infiltration of rainwater into our soils instead of allowing it all to quickly run out into the street.


In this project we used infiltration basins to accomplish this.  These basins collect water from the surrounding area when it rains, essentially using the soil as a reservoir to hold onto that water. As the basins fill up, they are designed to spill over to subsequent basins. 

Here are some of the features and benefits:

  • reduces erosion

  • provides effective rainwater management and reduces local flooding

  • stores water in the soil for prolonged use

  • encourages deep root growth making plants more drought tolerant

  • reduces the amount of water needed from irrigation

  • irrigation systems used primarily to establish new plants with frequency of watering reduced over time

  • natural sustainable method for developing healthy beautiful landscapes

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