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Dear Thrive and Grow Gardens Family, 

As you may know by now, the Governor has issued a state wide Stay-at-home order, and this means that all non-essential businesses are to suspend operations, supporting our communities in sheltering in place to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.  We, of course, are in favor of these efforts, and are updating our protocols to reflect the best practices in maintaining the safety of our community and our employees.


As of this morning, we have shifted our focus to only providing essential services that help people establish food production in their backyards via online purchase and in garden services in which we maintain a safe distance from our clients.  This will include Garden Consultations, and supplies to support the building of your backyard garden, such as: compost, worm castings, pre-built raised garden beds, and irrigation ollas.


For Garden Consultations, since they are in-person, we expect that everyone involved, including Thrive and Grow staff, adheres to the following protocol:

  • When we arrive at the location of consult, we will call you so we can be let into the backyard without touching any surfaces (make sure there is a clear path to the garden),

  • Expect that the entire consultation will happen outside, 

  • Practice social distancing - stand at least 10 ft apart at all times,

  • Wash your hands right before you meet.

For all physical products purchased online, they can be picked up at the shop during our designated Pick Up hours, and we have the following protocol:

  • When you arrive at the shop, give us a call with your order details,

  • We will bring your order out to your vehicle, please allow us to place it in your vehicle in an open trunk etc, while maintaining a safe distance from us.

  • Practice social distancing - stay at least 10 ft away from the front door.

We really appreciate your adherence to these protocols, and your patronage, during these turbulent times.  We hold your health, the health of your family, and the health of our employees as our highest priority, so making sure you have fresh nutrient-packed greens, and a smooth, low risk, encounter are our top considerations. 

You can find all our backyard gardening offerings here, and purchase our locally grown produce here.  We look forward to serving you!


The Thrive and Grow Gardens Team

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