Neem Seed Meal 6-1-2


Down To Earth™ Neem Seed Meal 6-1-2 is an excellent all natural fertilizer for enriching garden and agricultural soils and encouraging optimum plant development. Neem seed meal is a slow-release nitrogen-rich fertilizer for both leafy greens and young plants. It also provides benefits for crops while improving soils’ organic matter content. Cold pressed from the seeds of the fast growing Neem Tree (Azadirachta indica), it is also referred to as neem cake. DTE™ Neem Seed Meal 6-1-2 can be mixed into soils or potting media, used as a top dress around established plants or steeped to make a potent liquid solution.
OMRI listed for the production of organic crops.

Directions: Use 2.5-5lbs for 100 sq. feet of gardening soil 

5lb compostable box