Granular Humic Acids


Down To Earth™ Granular Humic Acids is a highly concentrated source of humic substances that is ideal for use on fields, turf and vegetable gardens.

Granular Humic Acids are a great way to introduce long-term stable organic matter to your garden, and may increase micronutrient uptake by plants. Carefully mined from one of the world’s richest deposits, DTE™ Granular Humic Acids is derived from the ancient remains of decomposed organic plant materials. Naturally occurring, unaltered oxidized lignite, DTE™ Granular Humic Acids are crushed, screened and graded to a particle size of 1-3mm. 
OMRI labeled for the production of organic crops.

Use 1-2lbs for 100 sq. feet of garden soil

5lb compostable box.