2' x 3' Classic Raised Bed

2' x 3' Classic Raised Bed


The Classic Collection is our original raised garden bed design. These beds are at a perfect height for not having to bend over while you tend to your garden.

Built with quality redwood lumber to a 4-tier height:​

  • Redwood boards are precisely fastened together using ceramic coated screws that do not rust.
  • Metal mesh attached to bottom of bed to prevent rodents from digging up into the bed.
  • Designed with upright bracing posts to prevent sideboards from bowing out.
  • Exterior of bed stained and sealed for additional weather resistance and aesthetic. 

    Why Redwood?This lumber is naturally resistant to termites, UV radiation, and rot from contact with moisture in the soil.​It outlives cedar, a lumber that is also commonly used for raised beds.

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