Irrigation Consultation

Irrigation Consultation


Book a two hour irrigation consultation with expert gardener, Michael, at your home. Each consultation is customized to fit your specific needs beginning with the end in mind, giving you the results you have been seeking for a flourishing garden space. Gift certificates available!
Common use of this consultation includes the following:

Are you frustrated by problems with your irrigation system? Is your system inefficient, resulting in high water bills? Do you know how long you should be watering and when exactly you should be adjusting your watering schedule to account for seasonal changes?  Water is our most important resource in the desert and it is necessary that we know how to manage it properly.  In fact, watering issues are commonly the cause of plant problems we diagnose.  Have Michael help you by evaluating your irrigation components and practices so that solutions can be found for issues you are having while conserving our most valued resource! 


*This consultation is priced for consultations within Tucson.  If you are outside of this service area such as in Green Valley or Oro Valley, there will be an additional trip charge to help cover time and fuel.