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"When you're away from your garden,
it misses you"

Thrive and Grow Gardens is a local edible gardening business created by Michael Ismail in 2014. We serve the Tucson community with our services to design and maintain edible gardens, and with our products which include raised garden beds, compost bins, potato boxes, and irrigation ollas. Sustainability is a vital element of our practice: we integrate efficient systems and teach sensible horticulture practices such as soil building and intensive planting. We further this mission by offering our clients design, irrigation, and soil consultations and continual garden maintenance. 

Our team has become a strong proponent of edible gardening for Tucsonans, developing a presence in the field through landscape design, implementation, and education. Our belief in the health benefits for body and mind stem from cultivating and consuming homegrown, organic food drives us to connect individuals with information that is critical to finding success and experiencing these rewards.

This business has allowed for the creation of a new community ideal that encourages the focus of a sustainable and renewable lifestyle, that reconnects oneself with their food, and that encourages a new way of thinking about one's home, habits, and diet in a new light.

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